Seattle postlude: Stories, links, photos, notes


Just wanted to put a few finishing touches on my reports about the trip to Seattle that Herb, Felton and I started a week ago now. One of the things I wanted to post was the above picture, which was taken by RBI Club Commissioner Bob Simeone at the Everett AquaSox game Saturday. On the left are Herb and Felton, while at the right are our hosts for the day, Dave and Kathy Hope. It was a phenomenal experience at the game, especially because I’m particularly fond of minor-league baseball.

Also … here’s a link to a story I did for about Mariners third base coach Rich Donnelly and his personal connection to black baseball trailblazer Moses Fleetwood Walker.

And here’s a link to a blog post I wrote for Seattle Magazine’s Web site. I’ll have a second post coming out on the publication’s site soon.

One more link, this one to a story by blogger Mikaela Cowles about the RBI Club luncheon last Friday that recognized Herb.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has e-mailed me since the three of us returned home a couple days ago to thank us for coming and express what a pleasure it was to meet us all. The feeling is definitely, definitely mutual. 🙂

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