Live from Rickwood Stadium

Over the next few days, I’m gonna do my best to sum up the incredible experience I had Tuesday and yesterday in Birmingham at the players reunion, the Rickwood Classic and the Negro Southern League Museum.

Today I’m posting just pictures from the Classic, tomorrow I’ll post photos from the museum, and Saturday and Sunday I’ll try to write a little about what transpired and how it impacted me. I wish I could have taken more at the game, but I was scrambling up, down and around taking notes and interviewing folks, an experience I’ll chat about this weekend.

So, without further ado, here’s a sample of photos from the game! …



The top two are shots of the outside of the majestic and mystical park.


A pic of the game itself between the Birmingham Barons and the Chattanooga Lookouts, which the latter won, 7-4. It was a hot day — peaking in the low 90s — but the humidity wasn’t too bad. It looked like it might rain Tuesday night and into Wednesday, but Jupe Pluvious held off.


Monarchs teammates reuniting again.


New friend and former Clown Yogi Cortez. I’ll take a bunch more about him later.


Jaycee Casselberry and Henry Elmore taking the game in, with other players and fans behind them.


Me about the fifth inning in the press box and somewhat sweaty. I sweat a lot, folks. That’s my nifty little media pass, a possession that threw me back to earlier days when I actually covered games, matches and other events as a spot news dude.


This one is technically from Tuesday night hanging out in the hotel lounge, but I still like it. On the right is ex-Monarch Rev. Richardson, displaying his family mementos, and sitting at the table helping a former player check some stuff out on the computation machine is new Tulane grad, Massachusetts resident and diligent preserver of these legendary men’s legacy and memory Cam Perron, who always takes a key role in the reunion.

Tomorrow the museum!


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