Andy Cooper Texas update

Head & shoulders posed portrait of newly inducted Hall of Famer, Andy Cooper.  Cooper is often ranked 2nd only to Bill Foster among the Negro Leagues left-handed pitchers.  Image is cropped from 1920 Detroit Stars 2442.89 PD

I’ve got a very encouraging update on the status of legendary pitcher Andy Cooper, a Waco native and National Baseball Hall of Famer. In this post, I reported how Cooper is inexplicably not a member of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, and in this post I delved into Cooper’s roots in Waco and the Lone Star State.

I just learned that Cooper is, in fact, on the ballot for the TSHOF’s 2016 induction class! Here’s an email I received Friday from TSHOF Vice President Jay Black:

“Mr. Cooper’s bio will be in the nomination notebook at our annual selection committee meeting on June 7. While I am hoping that Mr. Cooper is voted into the TSHOF, I also realize that it is a difficult process because we have so many nominees and only 12 slots on the veterans ballot. I think that Andy Cooper is well qualified and deserving to be included in the TSHOF.”

Right now I’m working on an article about Cooper’s Texas roots and the 75th anniversary of his death, I really can’t proactively urge or encourage people to support Cooper’s possible TSHOF induction, but if you do want to do so, here is a link to the TSHOF’s selection committee Web page, with emails for many of the committee members.

I’ll try to stay current on the process — June 7 is just more than two weeks away, so we’ll see what happens …

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