Interested in contributing? I want you!


Howdy all, just a quick post before the weekend. I hope everyone is well and digging spring training. I’ve been eyeing the Cards camp — I became a St. Louis fan through my cousin Cory, who lives a few minutes from the city and has been a bonkers Cards fan his entire life — and am not sure about the team’s prospects. I’ve seen some online evaluations that show optimism, and some with a more pessimistic slant. We shall see.

Anyway, for the next couple weeks I might step back a bit from Home Plate Don’t Move — I need to focus on some article deadlines and, hopefully, a couple long-term projects, including the effort to research and publicize the fact that Hall of Famer Cristobal Torriente is buried in a mass, unmarked grave in Queens. That’s something Ralph Carhart and Gary Ashwill have been helping me with.

I have a couple more posts I’m working on — I hope to have them up next week — but other than that, I’d like to publish any guest posts or photos from y’all out there. You could write about pretty much anything Negro Leagues-related, but I’m especially looking for articles about figures you think should be in Cooperstown, as well as personal narratives about your personal experiences.

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at!

I’ll close today with the photo above of former Negro Leaguer Sam Allen. It was sent to me by Mark Aubrey, who snapped it in July 2010 at historic Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Ala. Allen played for the Raleigh Tigers, among other squads. Many thanks to Mark for sending it!

Again, I want you! Email me if you’d like to contribute something!

One thought on “Interested in contributing? I want you!

  1. Thanks for the shout out. This bonkers fan thinks once again the Cards pitching will lead them to a post season birth. Cubs made a lot of moves and a lot has been made about their youth, but the national press shouldn’t overlook the youth of the Cardinals – Grichuk, Piscotty, Pham, Wong, Martinez, and Wacha – offer stability for the next generation of Cardinals.



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