Hilldale’s 1925 title

Just had this come out today on philly.com about the Hilldale Club’s 1925 Colored World Series title:


I’m hoping to have a post by the end of the week on something connected to this story — outfielder George Johnson, who, as noted in the story, called for a Negro Leagues players’ union in 1925. In my hopeful post I’ll try to discuss a bit about the differences between labor practices in the Majors versus the Negro Leagues — namely, how Negro League owners, fans and reporters lamented the lack of a reserve clause like the one in the Majors and how, eventually, decades later, thanks to Curt Flood and others, the reserve clause in the Majors gave way to free agency.

I also discovered that George Johnson seems to have died a mysterious, sudden death …

And I promise I’ll have a Ducky Davenport update soon!!!

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