His pick to win it all? He wisely ain’t saying

I’ve been trying to do as much Ducky Davenport research as I can to find out where the NOLA baseball legend and Negro League veteran might be buried, but other projects have been consuming my time.

But yesterday I called another NOLA old timer, Paul Lewis, to see if he knew Ducky and, if so, if he might have an idea where the latter is interred. I first met Mr. Lewis at the ceremony to dedicate Wesley Barrow’s new grave marker in Gretna, La.

Unfortunately, while Mr. Lewis had indeed heard of Davenport in local hardball circles, he never knew Ducky and therefore had no idea where he might be buried.

However, I did have a cool conversation with Mr. Lewis about today’s baseball players. He’s currently chillin’ in Biloxi on a little break from NOLA, but he’s still been following the current MLB season, and he says he continues to be amazed at what the modern baseball player can do on the field.

“They have some amazing ballplayers,” he said. “They can play beautiful ball. They can make some plays that I never thought players could make.”

Specifically, Paul loves watching today’s backstops ply their trade, especially because he was a catcher himself way back in the day.

“All the catchers are good,” he said. “They’re out of sight. I was never as good a catcher like these guys are. Yes, indeed.”

I brought the conversation to what teams he thought might have a chance to win it all. While he said his most beloved team is the Yankees, he was very reserved in expressing their level of play this year.

“They’re all right,” he said with a chuckle.

Then I popped the big question: who’s his pick to win it all this year, to triumph in the World Series?

That query drew a hearty laugh from the 90-something Mr. Lewis, who jokingly declined to reveal his thoughts on the matter.

“I don’t answer that question,” he said, playfully stifling loud guffaws. “I’d be lying about it if I did. I don’t have no pick. I don’t do that no more. I just go around with the game. You end up just picking a team that doesn’t win. You pick a team you love, then they don’t do anything.”

Perhaps a gem of wisdom from a guy who’s been around the game his entire life? As a nonagenarian, Mr. Lewis knows a thing or two about how to follow the world of baseball — always squeeze for your favorite club, but don’t pick who’s gonna take the crown. You just end up looking a bit foolish in the end. 🙂


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