Not quite, buddy …

I’m going to try to put up a few posts this weekend, but I just had to get this on here tonight because it was such a strange incident …

So I’m in the parking lot of the neighborhood supermarket, and I’m wearing my Detroit Stars hat. As I’m walking toward the doors, a cars pulls around to leave the lot.

The guy driving apparently saw both me and my hat, and as he passed by me, he had his passenger window down. He leans over and says, “Right on, Cowboys!” Then drives away.

So he seems to have mistaken my Negro Leagues hat for a Dallas Cowboys hat. I’m guessing he did that because the cap has a star on it. But the star is red on a white background. The Cowboys’ star is blue.

Honestly, ever since I received the cap at last year’s Malloy conference, I’ve worried that people, especially in this quite red state of Louisiana, would mistake the hat and the red star as something associated with communism or Cuba or Che Guevara or some other nonsense.

I never envisioned anyone — especially in NOLA, where the Saints rule and Saints fans despise the Cowboys — mistaking my Negro Leagues hat for an NFL one.

But, I suppose, weird stuff happens pretty much every day …


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