East Tennessee goldmine

I got an email this evening from a gentleman named Mark Aubrey, who was very gracious and complimented my work, and I, needless to say, am honored and humbled.

Mark has several blogs that he writes, including a couple about baseball history in East Tennessee. He touches on all kinds of subjects, including college baseball and the 19th-century game, and the stuff he finds is pretty darn neat.

This post in particular caught my attention, for obvious reasons — it’s about African-American baseball; in this case, the 1913 team at Knoxville College.

It seems to me that baseball history at HBCUs is a woefully unexplored subject, and Mark’s post has inspired me to look into the history of hardball at NOLA’s two HBCUs, Dillard and Xavier. That’s also not to mention the larger HBCUs in the Pelican State, like Southern, Grambling, etc.

So check out Mark’s stuff if you can. It’s pretty cool.


One thought on “East Tennessee goldmine

  1. I agree that HBCU baseball history is “woefully” unexplored. I have been researching it for quite a few years and have a website that explores a little of it. The site now features current HBCU baseball news and I personally have done little historical updating because my research has progressed to helping form a “Black Pioneers and Legends” committee to the College Baseball Hall of Fame. Along the others, we have selected “Prez” Jones and Ralph Garr of Grambling and Lou Brock and Danny Goodwin of Southern. My research will ultimately become a pictorial history and record book. So far I have recorded HBCU baseball history through the WWII years. I am surprised to discover that some of the little recorded info on the history of HBCU baseball, is not accurate. I am also researching African-Americans who integrated their previously all-white college baseball programs. My website is located at: http://www.blackcollegenines.com


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