Hopefully good stuff soon …

Apologies for not getting anything substantive up for a little while — kind of took a little break from blogging to nail down and work on some deadline assignments. However, hopefully that will change later this week, when I hope to have some good stuff, including:

• Some more stuff about the Berkeley International League of the 1930s. I landed an assignment on the circuit for San Francisco Weekly newspaper, so I’m studiously and diligently trying to pull some good concepts and history together;

• Kind of using the story of early Negro League star George Shively’s burial in an unmarked grave in Bloomington, Ind., I’ll try to examine the team he briefly captained in 1919, the Kokomo, Ind., Black Devils, who were owned by a white man, Charley Lyons, an eccentric clothier and entrepreneur who had a penchant for fast cars and running into the local legal system in that city in the north-central Indiana region;

• Some more stuff about should-be-legendary Negro Leagues manager Winfield Welch’s roots as a player/manager in New Orleans, and historical notes about his tiny hometown of Napoleonville, La.

• Perhaps some odds and ends stuff I’m tripping across here and there …


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