Coach O, Ron and Buck

I can’t write much now because I’m furiously solving technological glitches — let’s just say I’m a Mac man and PCs drive me bonkers — for my presentation on Bill Binga in the morning. Hence, I’ll write much more tomorrow.

But I wanted to self- indulgently fire off a few quick things now …


The first is the above photo of Coach O, Walt Owens, former Detroit Star — not to mention professor emeritus, educator and amazingly successful and influential coach — signing an autograph for a fan. He was part of the first of two player panels this afternoon, and he’s the coolest guy. More on that tomorrow.

Second, I actually asked a question! I spoke up and asked Pedro Sierra about the politics of Cuba, his homeland. The sociopolitical contexts of the Negro Leagues and African American baseball players are truly enthralling and need to be explored more.

Finally, after another former Detroit Star, Ron Teasley, mentioned that he roomed with the great Buck Leonard in Cuba, I had to tell Mr. Teasley after the panel about my own personal experience not only meeting Buck, but going to his house and talking with him for over an hour.

I was 22, fresh out of J-school at IU, and my intention was to write and sell an article about Mr. Leonard after meeting him.

But I decided not to do the article. The experience was so powerful and emotional for me that I didn’t want to besmirch it by gaining financial profit from it.

However, I did profit from my visit with Buck on another level — it remains, and will always remain, one of the greatest moments of my life, one I will cherish forever.

OK, that’s all for the moment. Back to work. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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