Touch down in Motown


No, this is not about the Lions (although if would be pretty sweet to run into Calvin Johnson, the best receiver in football). I landed in Detroit for the 17th annual SABR Jerry Malloy Negro League Conference about four hours ago. The theme of the conference is longtime Detroit Stars Hall of Famer Turkey Stearnes and blackball in Detroit and the rest of Michigan.


Turkey Stearnes

Getting to the downtown Courtyard Marriott (the location of the conference), however, was a somewhat harrowing experience. Because of all the recent street flooding here in the Motor City, our airport shuttle driver was running way behind schedule (obviously not his fault), and, as a result, he flew through the streets of Detroit like a madman, weaving in and out between cars, passing in turning lanes … Frankly, I’m just glad I made it to the hotel in one piece.

I unfortunately didn’t make it here in time for the early-afternoon dedication of an historical marker at Hamtramck Stadium, and I couldn’t attend the education forum in the morning. I also couldn’t attend tonight’s meet-and-greet reception because I had to finish a big assignment on deadline. (Because, as we all know, I’m a very important writer. Very important.)

But we’ll start bright and early with the meat of the event’s program beginning at 8:30 a.m. with a welcome from esteemed author, researcher and Malloy committee co-chair Larry Lester, followed by several research presentations, a players’ panel and the marquee event of the day, a talk by Robert Paige, the very reclusive son of the great Satchel.

I’ll blog about each day (Friday and Saturday) at the end of the day, so keep comin’ back here for the weekend!

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