One final Redding plea!


OK, all, it’s crunch time for Atlanta native Cannonball Dick Redding, a Negro Leagues hurler extraordinaire who, some experts feel, was the equal of Hall of Famers Cyclone Joe Williams and Satchel Paige.

I just got assignment on the Negro League pitcher with the blazing fastball who mysteriously died in a Long Island mental asylum in 1948. The article will be for Long Island Pulse magazine, and in one final attempt to find ANYONE who might know exactly what happened to Mr. Redding — in particular, why he was committed to Pilgrim State Hospital and how he died — I’m sending out this post.

I’m especially looking for anyone who might be a relative or descendant of Cannonball in Atlanta who has any knowledge of this, or possibly anyone who worked at the hospital (or any descendants of such employees) who might have any idea what happened.

My article is due next Friday, Aug. 15, so if there’s anyone in the woodwork out there, please comment on this page or, if you want more privacy, e-mail me at Many thanks!


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