Chilly in late July!


We had a relatively restful day today, when we headed to Everett to watch an AquaSox game, and easily the best line of the night came from Herb, the professional and savvy ballplayer, was asked what he thought of the error-filled, wild-pitch-strewn, passed-ball-jammed game.

“It’s not as good as I’d thought it’d be,” he said, shaking his head.

The first few innings were especially filled with horrible, horrible pitching, and judging from Herb’s nice first ceremonial first pitch — he was being honored on the AquaSox’ Turn Back the Clock Night — he could have taken the mound and hurled better than them bums.

We were all the guests of Dave and Kathy Hope, ‘Sox season ticketholders, who got us comp tickets in the Diamond Club section right behind home plate. It was the first time I’ve ever had a waitress at a baseball game. It was pretty frickin’ cool.

Herb also signed autographs before the game, and after a somewhat slow start, a stead stream of fans lined up for his John Hancock. That’s him doing thusly in the pic above. The coolest part came when one father and a group of kids brought specially made baseball cards featuring Herb that were produced by a local business for the occasion.

The other notable thing about the game — at least for us New Orleanians — was the fact that when the sun went down, it got chilly at the ballpark. Chilly in late July! If it had been a Zephyrs game at this time of year, it still would have been, like, 88 degrees at 8:30 p.m.

Many, many thanks to the Hopes for hosting us. I also want to especially note that my brother, Nathan, drove up from Portland for the evening, and he came to the game with me. Because he and I live so far apart, and because I’m constantly financially strapped and unable to fly to Oregon, Nathan and I almost never see each other, so it was really, really good to hang out with my bro.

BTW, the AquaSox lost to Boise, 7-6, tonight. 😦 But I was able to buy a gift for my soon-to-be stepson, Eli — an AquaSox bouncy ball:


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