Getting Ready for Herb’s trip to the Pacific Northwest


Hi all, many apologies about the lapse in posts for a little while. I actually had a medical emergency and was in the hospital for a bit, but I’m getting back into the swing of things now …

And, to start of with the Return of the Ginger (that’s me), the picture above is from a gathering at Herb Simpson’s house last Wednesday with Herb, me, WWL TV reporter Bryan Salmond (he’s on the right in the picture), and Lorri Ericson and Pete Bellmar for the Seattle Mariners booster organization, the RBI Club, which will be hosting Herb and his nephew (and yours truly) for the team’s African-American Heritage Day July 28.

Bryan interview the ever-loquacious Herb as well as Lorri for a piece that’s going to be broadcast this coming Sunday on WWL. Bryan was a great guy, and Lorri and Pete were fantastic. It was great to finally meet them all.

In the photo, Herb is showing his actual jersey from his time with the 1946 Seattle Steelheads of the short-lived West Coast Negro Baseball League. To the left of him is a display case choked full of priceless and fascinating mementos from Herb’s storied career in the Negro Leagues and then in the minor leagues.

It was a pretty fantastic afternoon, and thanks to everyone for coming to honor Herb. If you get a chance, check out Bryan’s piece, which, as noted, is scheduled to air Sunday.

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