What’s coming up

Just wanted to post something really quick about what’s in the works. It might be a day or two before I can get this stuff completed and up, but hopefully I’ll get everything out by early next week.

Basically, I’ll have a couple more posts about Cannonball Dick Redding, one concerning the ongoing efforts to find out what happened to him in Pilgrim State Hospital on Long Island in 1948, the other about the history of the Redding side of his family and the search for a surviving descendant or relative.

I’ll also hopefully have a series of articles about Winfield S. Welch, a native of tiny Napoleonville, La., who developed into the most respected manager of his era in Negro League baseball.

In addition, there might be a post or two sprinkled in about the so-called New Orleans Professional Baseball Hall of Fame, as well as another post about Gretna, La., native and one-time Homestead Gray J.B. Spencer.

All that and more on “The Price Is Right.” Wait, no, I mean my blog. Yep. My blog.


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