Finally Bill Binga’s time

Representatives and volunteers from the Negro League Baseball Grave Marker Project and SABR gathered in Minneapolis Saturday to dedicate the new grave stone for William “Bill” Binga, a turn-of-the-century blackball great about whom a bunch of people have written, including (he said, not-so-humbly) myself here and here.

I unfortunately couldn’t be at the ceremony, but from what I hear, it was fantastic. Here’s some coverage in the Twin Cities media about it in the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

A couple thoughts … One is that it seems like the St. Paul paper’s article cribbed a few things from the article on Binga I did for Hour Detroit magazine. That’s kind of cool, I guess. People are reading my stuff, which is kind of gratifying and that I’m making a difference, that I’m helping to shine a light on these tragically ignored men and women.

Two, it looks like the various Twin Cities TV stations didn’t see fit to cover the ceremony at all. Take that as you will.

Finally, and certainly most importantly, congrats and thanks to Pete Gorton, Todd Peterson, Jeremy Krock and all the other volunteers who worked so hard to make it all happen. And much gratitude and respect to Dave Winfield, his foundation and the Padres for funding the bulk of the project on this. Winfield proved again his commitment to and love for the Negro Leagues and other pre-integration African-American baseball figures.

Props, as they say, to all.

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