Youth springs eternal — and diverse


This is my soon-to-be stepson Eli at his City of Gretna, La., rec department T-ball game last night. I wanted to post this for three reasons: One, this is a baseball blog; two, I’m very proud of him; and three, see this photo:


This is the back of Eli’s head whilst he sits on the bench waiting for his turn to bat. But next to him is one of about a half-dozen African-American kids on his team, the Orioles (who wear old school Baltimore-style hats). Given the magnitude of ink that’s been written over the last 20 years about black youth gradually abandoning the sport of Josh Gibson, Rube Foster, Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays, it’s extremely encouraging to see so many African-American kids taking up the game just about as soon as they can hold a real bat.

Maybe this is the first fruits of the labor of Major League Baseball’s newest Urban Youth Academy at Wesley Barrow Park in New Orleans …




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