Waaaaaaay back in the day

Here’s an article I just had published in NUVO, the alt-weekly in Indianapolis, about the Hoosier Blackstockings, the city’s first African-American team. They came and went 125 years ago, 1889, back when base ball was spelled with two words:


By the end of the 1880s, the curtain of segregation had completely fallen on America’s still-evolving pastime, but numerous black, or “colored,” teams had cropped up all over the eastern half of the country, from NYC to St. Louis to New Orleans.

In this story, I reference two authors who, roughly a century apart, have done yeomen’s work to detail and preserve this early African-American baseball scene. One is Hall of Fame player, manager, owner, historian and journalist Sol White, who in 1907 published published this seminal tome:


I’ll write more on Mr. White soon.

The other writer is a modern one — Northern Illinois professor James Brunson, who is probably the country’s leading authority on 19th century African-American baseball and who has been a huge mentor to me. His most recent work is this:


Check them out if you can.

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