Gentleman Dave

ImageAbove is a photo (courtesy of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum’s biography on the K-State Web page) of Gentleman Dave Malarcher, one of the most underappreciated figures in Negro Leagues history. A native of tiny Union, La., and a graduate of New Orleans University, Gentleman Dave was respected by, I dare say, every single one of his peers in the Negro Leagues. An intellectual as well as a talented ballplayer and, later, manager supreme, Malarcher was a true Renaissance man. Here’s a link to an article I wrote about him for the Dillard University alumni magazine:

I’ll write more on Gentleman Dave tomorrow.

Also, a quick update on the mysterious, mental-hospital deaths of Sol White and Dick Redding: I’ve mailed an official request to Pilgrim State Hospital on Long Island for the release of both of their records. I’m waiting to see what becomes of that. It might involve a whole lot of legal red tape; many medical records are covered by privacy laws that vary from state to state.

I also need to inquire about receiving full death certificates for both of them. But again, New York State might throw up legal barriers to that because I’m not a direct relative or descendant. We’ll see.


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