Woo hoo!


Imagine that being said by Homer Simpson. That’s the type of excitement I’m shooting for here …

I know I said in my post yesterday that I’d follow up on the mysteries of Sol White and Cannonball Redding, but I just got some good news … my proposal on Detroit native and early-20th-century player William H. Binga has been accepted for a presentation at the Society for American Baseball Research’s annual Jerry Malloy Negro Leagues conference in Detroit in August!

This will be my third Malloy conference as an attendee but my first as a presenter, so I’ll be both nervous and excited. The theme of the presentation will be two-fold: One, the Negro League Baseball Grave Marker Project’s success in placing a burial stone at Bill Binga’s grave (the marker is pictured above, courtesy of NLBGMP founder Jeremy Krock); and two, Bill Binga’s place in an extensive family tree that includes escaped slaves, Underground Railroad “engineers,” one of the most successful African-American bankers in history and a legendary athlete-turned-groundbreaking doctor.

Generously assisting me in the presentation will be Detroit native and Binga family member C. Rae White, who has done extensive genealogical research into the Binga family’s history: Here’s a link to C. Rae’s own blog, Life is Good:


Here’s a link to SABR’s Negro Leagues Committee page, with includes early info on the Detroit Malloy conference:


Many thanks to Dr. Leslie Heaphy and the rest of the Malloy committee that reviewed and selected the presentations for the conference. In the coming weeks and months I’m going to try to post some more info about Bill Binga. To sign off, below is a photo from (if my memory serves) the mid-19th century of Anthony Binga Sr., who was sort of the patriarch and wellspring of the extensive Binga family. The photo is courtesy of C. Rae’s blog.



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